Real Estate Answering

Providing agencies, brokers & realtors with seamless call answering services.

As a real estate agent, broker or property manager, we know you're someone who is always on the go. And if you want your agency to flourish, it is important to ensure your customer service is top notch. Since buying and selling homes involves huge financial commitment, consumers only want the best.

A real estate client's decision making process begins with the first incoming phone call. By trusting your incoming calls to Great Answering Service, stay rest assured that your real estate operation gets the support and resource it needs to make every call, every appointment and every listing a fruitful one. As an extension of your real estate team, our goal is to deliver your clients with the “personal touch” that will keep you competitive.

We can seamlessly integrate into your online calendar management software to schedule in-office appointments, open houses, property visits and more.

Why choose Real Estate Answering Service?
  • 24/7 real estate call answering including after-hours, holidays and weekends

  • Interacting with prospects to capture leads

  • Answering general FAQs about listings, appointments, and your areas of expertise

  • Security compliant messaging & retrieval via phone, fax, SMS/text, and email

  • Screening and transferring of calls based on your instructions

  • Appointment scheduling for appraisals, property inspections, & open house registrations

Every Call Is Important

We can manage them well
- Anytime, Every time!