How it works

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    1. Registration:

    Start the 7-day free trial by registering. After filling your personal information in the form, click the ‘Submit’ button. You will receive an activation link on your registered email id. Click the link and get started.

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    2. Select Your Number:

    You can opt to keep your existing number or select another number to receive the calls.

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    3. Answering Calls

    After the set-up is complete, we will assign a trained agent/s to work with you. They will collect the information from your customers and prospects as per your requirement.

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    4. Additional Features

    Our systems and agents can also perform the below services for you:

    • 1.  Call transferring
    • 2. On-call scheduling
    • 3. Customer support

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    5. Portal

    You will have access to a portal with a user-friendly UI. The dashboard will display all the information captured by the agents. It will be comprehensive, and you can quickly act based on the priority. You also can bookmark essential messages. You have the option to receive the notifications over email or text, or both.

Every Call Is Important

We can manage them well
- Anytime, Every time!