24-7-365 service

24/7/365 Service

To make yourself accessible to your callers throughout the day, look no further than Great Answering Service, a 24 hour call answering service. When you are unavailable, professionally trained virtual assistants provided by us will be at your disposal 24/7/365 to attend the inbound calls on your behalf. When your prospects and customers' first attempts to reach you over the phone are answered, the chances of you striking new deals rise drastically.

mobile app

Mobile app

Reaching out to your callers becomes even quicker with the GAS mobile app. Find out who called you and for what at the touch of a button. The instant updates will prompt you to take the next steps. In case the prospects or customers reached out to you for immediate requirements, you can respond to them, sooner than later. Our virtual answering system will raise the probability of you acquiring new businesses dramatically.

client portal

Client Portal

Quick response is highly appreciated by callers. The accessibility of Great Answering Service client portal from any location at all times gives you this ability. You can browse through the portal easily as it has a simple and user-friendly UI. It will have all the information to help you act swiftly. Your callers will thank you for your promptness and will be confident to work with you.

customized IVR

Customized IVR

Directing your callers to the right extension or voicemail box is easier with Great Answering Service. The call flow is customized to your requirements. It will leave the caller with a lasting impression of your brand. The time taken from gathering information from the prospects or customers to solving their problems falls drastically. As their concerns are quickly noted and addressed, you will earn their trust.

call transferring

Call Transfer

Ensuring your prospects and customers with specific needs talking to the SMEs is one of the USPs our trained agents can offer you. Your callers will leave with the right solution for their problems. Transferring such potential buyers and clients' calls to the right people look very easy because the Great Answering Service virtual assistants we provide are experienced and skilled. They have the knack for extracting the correct information, analyzing it, and guiding the callers properly.

24-7 support

24/7 Support

For the smooth and uninterrupted operation of your business, Great Answering Service provides you with 24/7 support. As a back-up, we will provide you exceptionally trained virtual personal assistants to stand-by in case of any eventuality. The 24 answering service support team will ensure that your equipment, hardware, and software function continuously. As more than a three-decade-old organization, Great Answering Service has a reputation of supporting its customers by going out of the way.

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