Client Portal

User-friendly portal quickens your responsiveness to your callers

Your response time to your prospects and customers drastically falls as you can access the details of the inbound calls on the GAS portal. Log in from anywhere and anytime to take a look.

Our agents will populate the portal with the details of all the incoming calls on a real-time basis. The detailed report gives you insights into the requirements of the callers. You can act immediately on their urgent and emergency needs, which will earn you their respect.

The client portal has a user-friendly UI. You can view the latest to earliest messages on the dashboard, bookmark priority messages, and the contact section contains the callers' contact details. The Great Answering Service dashboard also displays the latest bookmarked messages. There are individual sections to view all the messages and bookmarked messages.

You may choose to receive notifications from the Great Answering Service portal on your email or mobile phone. Through the portal, you can modify your requirements or get in touch with us for clarification and support.

client portal
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