Call Transfer

Guides your callers to the right people in your organization

Leading your callers who have unique requirements to your organization's right person became simpler with Great Answering Service. Your prospects or customers will receive the correct advice for their specific issue from an expert.

It is possible because our receptionist service can do more than just answering your calls. Our virtual assistants are trained to ask the right probing questions and understand your caller's precise needs.

In case they want to talk to any of your specific staff, our agent will transfer the call. But in a situation where callers are unaware of whom to speak to in your team, our virtual office receptionists U.S can suggest. After gathering more information from such callers, our agents will direct them to your colleagues from the right department. It will ensure that they receive the correct answers to their queries, and they leave with a lasting impression of your organization.

call transferring
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